Strength and Conditioning

Appropriate conditioning is essential not only to optimise performance, but also to reduce the risk of injury. Research has demonstrated that strength and conditioning training not only improves performance in strength, power and speed related sports and activities (Cronin and Hansen, 2005; Hori et al, 2008) but also in endurance based sports and activities (Turner et al, 2003).

There is a large body of evidence that has found that certain methods of strength and conditioning training can reduce injury risk (Holcomb et al, 2007; Kato et al, 2008).

In most sports, it is not the maximum force produced that determine success; it is the strength that can be produced explosively. The best athletes are not always the strongest but are often the most explosive. Even in highly skilled team sports, explosive ability can differentiate between levels of success (Brewer and Davis, 1991). It is important for your training program to have specificity to the energy demands and functional movements applied in your sport.



Michael is an accredited coach with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.  The UKSCA is the governing body for strength and conditioning for sports performance.  It has taken a lot of hard work from a great many people to drive the profession to where it is today.  It is only now that sports, and sports coaches recognise the difference between a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer or fitness advisor.  With this qualification Michael is qualified in coaching Olympic Lifts. There are less than thirty accredited UKSCA coaches in Northern Ireland.   View Michael’s profile on the UKSCA website.

The clinic provides strength and conditioning training which is adapted for every individual sportsperson and their needs. Programs are developed to help maximise performance and reduce
injury risk in your chosen sport.





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