Sports Massage

Massage has developed in many directions and we now see several specialized forms of it within a whole spectrum. Sports massage is one specialization that holds a unique position as it has a fundamentally different approach from all other forms of therapy, both orthodox and complementary.

Conventional treatment aims to restore normal function when someone is injured. But in sport there is no acceptance of ‘normal’ function in terms of strength, speed or power. Most athletes hope to reach a level of performance that is beyond ‘normal’.

The overall aim of treatment must therefore always be to enhance performance at whatever level the sportsperson has reached. The major risk in the quest for enhanced performance is of course injury, so the primary treatment concern is to prevent injury.

Sports massage has great potential in this area and this is why many top competitors use it as an integral part of their training regime. With regular treatment they are able to sustain high levels of performance without getting injured.

The great preventative benefits of massage are not yet widely exploited by the recreational sportsperson. With more and more people involved in sport and recreational fitness why not take up the opportunity of preventing injuries by having regular sports massage.


Pain relief and relaxation

Aid recovery/recuperation from muscle fatigue

Reduces DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

Enhance length of muscle fibres (Increase flexibility)

Reduce injury risk

Don’t wait for the injury to happen, prevention is better than cure!

Get booked in and look after your body!




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