Functional movement screening

Sport today is highly competitive. Every athlete is striving to become stronger, faster and fitter. To  achieve this athletes are spending an enormous amount of time training and performing high-level activities even though they may be inefficient in their fundamental movements, without knowing it, these individuals are putting themselves at risk of breaking down with injury. Many individuals are training extremely hard and pushing themselves to the limit and unknowingly can be doing this around poor movement patterns and training around a pre-existing problem or simply do not train their weakness during their strength and conditioning programs.

Right and left imbalances exist in some athletes at very basic movements and these limitations should not be overlooked.

The body will perform better if it is free from restrictions and imbalances prior to training, conditioning and competition. It is these imbalances/restrictions that drastically distort motor learning, movement perception, body awareness and mechanics. They rob the body of efficiency and are very often hidden by those athletes who learn to compensate and substitute with other movement patterns.

In many situations, the body’s ability to move through its most basic and fundamental movements goes un-assessed.  In the clinic you can be assessed to see if you have weaknesses or faulty movement patterns. These may be holding you back from performing to your very best.


Functional movement screening consists of the following:

· Functional movement tests

· Individualised corrective exercise program

· 12 week reassessment

Gym visit/sessions may be arranged to analyse exercise technique/progression


· Players will have improved athletic performance. (Faster, Stronger
and more Flexible)

· Risk of injury reduced (Fewer training and games missed)


Clubs should see a reduction of medical bills


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Functional Movement Screening